About Mama O

I am a dreamer. I am a lover. I am a believer. I am a doer. I am a positive, hardworking, driven, ambitious, resilient, vivacious, and strong young woman. I LOVE TO – Learn. Travel. Try new things. Be around nature. Make people smile. Play sports. Watch sports. Shop, but mostly for good bargains. Listen to music. Dance. Eat. Cook. And enjoy life with great company!

IMG_6928 The name Mama O has a lot of history and memories behind it. In college, my friends began to call me Mama O. They said I was very motherly because I was caring, thoughtful and careful. They also said that I was always trying to take care of everyone and feed them as well. I was always there to share positive thoughts and put a smile on their faces whenever possible. I was the person they came to if they needed a pencil, a needle, an extra bar of soap, or a snack. Well, before I knew it, my new name was “Mama O.” I must point out that only my close friends have always called me Mama O. Now, I am ready to share my name with the world and although the name will lose part of its personal touch, this blog is a tribute to my friends for all the memories and experiences we shared, as well as the lessons we learned.

The “Haven” part of the name ‘Mama O’s Haven’ has found its true meaning over the past two years as the kitchen has literally become my haven. When I need to relax or simply get away from the world, I find a recipe on Pinterest and head to the kitchen. I play some music, pour a glass of wine, and in that moment, I find myself at peace. There is something to be said about gathering a bunch of ingredients and literally creating a piece of art!

On this blog, I will mostly share the recipes that I attempt to make. Some are a success and some…not so much! Now let’s make it clear, I usually don’t come up with these recipes myself. NOPE! I find them all on Pinterest and I will always credit the person / website where I get the recipe from. In addition to posting recipes, you can expect to see posts about other things that I am passionate about…You will soon find out what those things are 🙂

Like my amazing friend once said, “experimenting is the only way to learn.” Well, what are we waiting for? Let the cooking/baking and blogging begin!!!

Welcome to Mama O’s Haven!


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